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Lincoln, Maine

A Town of Hearty, Resilient Souls

Methodist Church

Responses from four students in Mrs. Harris’ Social Studies class can be viewed below:

Methodist Church, Lincoln, ca. 1925
Methodist Church, Lincoln, ca. 1925
Lincoln Historical Society

Isaiah Wilson-McFarlane
“Research your topic and summarize the 'who, what, when, and where' in the form of a few paragraphs”

In 1836 the United Methodist Church was organized in Lincoln, but the actual building was not built until 1839. Nobody can remember where services were held before the church was built. The first preacher was Elliot B. Fletcher, who was sent from the Eastern Maine conference in 1836 before the building of the church. The church was built when William Marsh was pastor. It is located at the intersection of Lee Road and Main Street. A major event about this church was that Isaac Burton donated a clock for the front of the steeple that was hit by lightning in 1878. The church is an important landmark in Lincoln because the people have had a place to worship the Lord for 171 years.

Stinchfield Monument, Lincoln, ca. 1887
Stinchfield Monument, Lincoln, ca. 1887
Lincoln Historical Society

Caitlyn Anderson

The Methodist Church was built in Lincoln in 1839, at the intersection of Main and Lee Streets. It is the oldest church building in Lincoln, even older than the Congregational Church, which was the first organized church. The first pastor to arrive at the Methodist Church was Elliot B. Fletcher. He was sent by the Maine Conference to provide knowledge about God and to baptize church members. The congregation sang along with the choir, and at first they didn’t have any pews.

In 1990, the steeple was struck by lightning in a big thunderstorm. The church people have put more than $8,000 into remodeling parts of the church. One significant feature of this church is the clock on the front. It was a gift from Isaac Burton. Isaac was a kind man who gave money to the town for different things. He also donated money to start the Lincoln Library. The clock on the Methodist Church struck for the first time on November 16, 1878.

The Methodist Church is important to Lincoln because people need a place to worship God and pray together. Also, since it is the first church in Lincoln, it is special to the town’s history.

Damian Littlefield
“Create a ‘why’ question, research the answer, and create response answering the question.”

Why was the Methodist church built?

Methodist Church, Lincoln, ca. 1965
Methodist Church, Lincoln, ca. 1965
Lincoln Historical Society

In the beginning, when the town was first settled, the people wanted to have a place to worship God and a place to pray. Years ago, the churches were for meeting places and a place to gather for suppers. Churches are also used for shelters, concerts, weddings, and celebrations.

Bradley Arnold
“How does this topic connect to you in your life today?”

I go to the Methodist church every week, and I like learning about God. They have a choir there. They sing, and I like listening to their music. There are fun things that go on after church, like Easter egg coloring, kids singing in front of the whole congregation, turkey pie suppers, craft fairs, putting on plays, selling hot dogs at the Homecoming parade, and riding on the parade float. I like it when my whole family is there to worship God, because I’m not the only one doing it. This week, I will become an official member of the church. I’m excited to do this, because I will finally be a real member. I have a great family connection to this church. I was baptized there and my parents got married there. I hope I am able to get married there someday. My grandfather is part of the choir. The fact that this church is so old makes me want to spread the word to more people to go to church. Pastor Fletcher, the first pastor back in the 1800s, would be proud of the way our church has turned out because we are spreading the word and getting more people to come to church. The building is in good shape for it’s age. It is 171 years old.

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