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Solomon's Store

Responses from three students in Mrs. Harris' Social Studies class can be viewed below:

Tanner McCarthy
"Research your topic and summarize the ‘who, what, when, and where’ in the form of a few paragraphs"

J. J. Newberry Co., Lincoln, ca. 1945
J. J. Newberry Co., Lincoln, ca. 1945
Lincoln Historical Society

The history of Solomon’s Store is long and complicated. It was started in 1896 when Will Pinkham owned it. At this time, it was a shoe store and barber shop. When Mr. Pinkham died in 1916, John Grindell bought stock in the store and made it into a clothing store for men. In 1924, Sam Solomon also bought stock in the store. Together, Solomon and Grindell leased the building and they turned it into a store that sold apparel for both men and women. It was well known for the place to buy the best “knickers” in town. The store was in operation for a rather long period of time and was open straight through the Great Depression. It was a place anyone could shop and had many famous name brands.

The store building is next to where Marden’s is now and it is called House of Crafts and Flowers. It is noticeably one of Main Street’s oldest buildings.

Kelsey Moody
“Compare and contrast your topic in the past and in the present”

House of Crafts & Flowers, Main Street
House of Crafts & Flowers, Main Street

The similarities of the House of Crafts and Flowers and Solomon’s Store are few. One is, Solomon’s Store and the House of Crafts and Flowers were located in the same place on Main Street. Another similarity is that people shop there and you can tell because there are vehicles parked in front of the building in almost every picture we found for Solomon’s Store and the House of Crafts and Flowers still is in good business today. Everyday when I drive by, there are vehicles parked in front of it. There are more differences than similarities that we found in our research.

Solomon’s Store contrasts with the House of Crafts and Flowers in many ways. Solomon’s Store went through a lot of different changes, names, and owners over the years. The different names were Lincoln Clothing Co., Grindell’s Store, Solomon’s Store, Solomon and Grindell’s Store, Moulton’s Gun Shop, and now we know the store as House of Crafts and Flowers. Another comparison is that Solomon’s Store sold clothes of all sorts: dresses, socks, pants, shorts, and the best “knickers” everyone thought. They had the best stock and most business in the spring and summer. The House of Crafts and Flowers sells flowers, jewelry, and craft materials. The comparison is very strong between Solomon Store and House of Crafts and Flowers as discussed above.

Myranda Armstrong
“How would you respond if you were alive to take a trip to Solomon’s Store?”

When the fall comes, the children save up their money from the summer and they go to the Solomon’s Store to buy new school clothes. This is a happy time for them because they get new clothes and shoes. I saved up $5 from babysitting and raking the yard to afford new school clothes this year. I didn’t have a job last summer, so I didn’t get any new school clothes. My family can’t afford to pay for clothes for me on their own.

Solomon's Store
Solomon's StorePoster by Tanner McCarthy

Solomon’s Store is famous for their “knickers,” but I don’t need any of those. I hope to buy two new skirts, two blouses, long socks, and black dress shoes. If I have enough money, I will try to buy boots, too.

I walk into the store on Main Street and the first person I see is Sam Solomon, the owner of the store.

“Where are the new shoes, Mr. Solomon?” I ask.

“Hello, there, young lady. We had a new shipment come in last night. They’re up back, along the wall,” he replied.

“Thank you,” I said. I walk back to shoes and pick out the shiniest, black shoes I can find. They fit perfectly!

I find one skirt and one shirt that I like and that will be enough for today. I put the rest of my money in my pocket and I run out the door and all the way home to show my mother.

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