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Lincoln, Maine

A Town of Hearty, Resilient Souls

Jonathan Clay Jr.

Responses from students in Mr. Koscuiszka's class can be viewed below:

Haylea Lujan
"Summarize the 'who, what, where, and when' of your topic"

Jonathan Clay, Jr. was born on August 21, 1832. At the age of 29, he settled by Cold Stream in Enfield, Maine. His father, Jonathan Clay, was a veteran of the War of 1812. He came from Buckfield, Maine in 1823. Jonathan Clay, Jr. was married to Helen M. Page of Burlington, Maine. They had two sons, Asa and Daniel. Jonathan was killed December 18, 1864, at the Battle of Petersburg during the American Civil War.

Jonathan Clay, Jr.
Jonathan Clay, Jr.Killed in the Civil War at Petersubrg, VA. He was buried in a mass grave.

Brent Davis
"Compare and contrast your topic in the past and the present"

Jonathan Clay Jr. was a soldier in the Civil War from Lincoln. He was born in 1832, and he died in action in Petersburg, Virginia in June of 1864. There were 18,000 men that were in the battle. Towards the end of the battle, the Union was only left with 2,200 men. They were fighting against Robert E Lee’s army because they wanted railroads would be cut into Petersburg, forcing Lee to extend his lines.

We have wars that are going on with different countries about things that make very little sense to me. For example, Jews and the Arabs are fighting over a rock for years and is still going on today. Presently, the U.S. has been fighting in Iraq for seven years. Some will be going on to Afghanistan to fight the war there. Many, many lives have been lost. Hopefully, the men and women from Lincoln who are fighting in those wars will be returning home safely.

Aaron Goodine
"Connect this topic to your own life"

I am interested in war and this topic is on Wartime Lincoln. This is pretty interesting that I am getting to research a topic I like and it is where I am from. There is a family of Clays in our town and a girl in my class with the last name of Clay. Maybe somewhere down the line this is her relative. There could be a possibility that her family actually came from Buckfield, Maine. Jonathan Clay’s parents ended up moving to Cold Stream Pond in Enfield, and Jonathan Clay, Jr. later married a girl from Freedom, Maine. It is odd that I have a friend with the last name of Clay, and she lives right around here. Jonathan Clay, Jr. moved here and lived here until he died. I wonder if he wouldn't have moved to Enfield if it would still be the same because he was one of the first men to build a place on Cold Stream Pond. Maybe if he wouldn’t have gone to war and people from Lincoln didn’t fight in the war, the war could have been fought here. There could have been huge changes if the war came here and was fought, and we could have had our town or even country taken over. Our whole government and everything would be different then it is today. That is why I am happy the war happened the way it did.

Lauren White
"Compare this topic to another topic or situation"

In war you have to go away to other states or countries and won’t see your children. Jonathan Clay, Jr. was in the American Civil War. He died in Petersburg, Virginia, and was unable to see his two kids ever again. If your mom or dad has to go away for work that is dangerous like construction, they have to be careful so they don’t get hurt or worse so that they will be able to see their kids again. They might work on bridges, railroads, etc. and they have to use big machines with traffic coming in every direction.

When you’re in war, you have to move around a lot and try not to get hurt or killed, and when you are a construction worker, you have to be careful and also try not to get hurt or killed because of the big machines and traffic.

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