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Lincoln, Maine

A Town of Hearty, Resilient Souls

Cars, Model T

Responses from students in Mr. Koscuiszka's class can be viewed below:

Erynn Libby
"Research your topic and summarize the ‘who, what, when, and where’ in the form of a few paragraphs"

In 1904, Mr. Will A. Brown brought the first Model T to Lincoln. He has probably been driving in Lincoln longer than anyone else. He was a Ford dealer from 1910 to 1928. He sold his first car to Claude Butterfield. His office was located on Main street, while the garage was on Mechanic Street.

Taylor Bradstreet started in the automotive field on March 20, 1925, as a mechanic. A year and a half later he became a service manager of the Casino Motor Company. On August 25, 1935 he was promoted to General Manager. He stayed in this position until September 16, 1955 when the firm under the name of Bradstreet Ford Sales was organized on West Broadway. The grand opening was held on March 10, 1960. Bradstreet later leased what is formerly known as Gateway Motors.

Isaiah Kafka
"Compare and contrast your topic in the past and in the present"

Cars are made and look a lot different today then they were when they were first made. The size and the way cars and/or trucks use up gas has changed a lot, and the price of gas has changed too. Cars and trucks are made differently. Cars and trucks are made more professionally, and they can be very luxurious.

The creation of the highway changed Lincoln. After the highway was built around Lincoln, people were provided with another way to get to other places. The highways were not so easily accessible for people, meaning people had to travel a little to get to the highway. Before cars people would often get around by walking, by horse, or by the water. These ways allowed people to come through the town of Lincoln.

Model T
Model Tdrawing by AJ MacEachern

Brianah Weston
"What if cars never existed? Explain the consequences to the town"

The technology of cars contributes to society greatly. The innovation of these transporting vehicles has changed the outlook of the world. When the car was first created it was an outbreak across the globe. Everyone wanted one of these strange metal contraptions that have now changed the future. Today in life we rely on cars more than anything else. It takes us places where we need to be and brings us where we need to go. It is faster than horse and buggy and way more efficient than walking. Cars have also improved the time of travel for transportation.

Just like with Mr. M. H. Boyce, who would travel around the areas of Lincoln, Springfield, Chester and Winn by horse, it cut down on travel time by a large amount. Mr. Boyce used to arrive to Lincoln around 7:00 AM, but after he got his first automobile he would now arrive at Lincoln around 4:30 AM.

We have truly built our own society around the creation of vehicles. Just by seeing how many people own cars in my community gives me a clear perspective of how many people in the world own a vehicle. The car is one of our largest ways of transportation. Without the car I do not believe that we would be here today without it, technologically speaking and humanity wise.

With me and my family we rely on our car more than anything. We are always busy and don’t always have time to walk where we need to be. I play two sports, do band and chorus, so I am always on the road. My mom is a nursing student, works, and takes care of my littler sister. At the moment my sister is having very bad medical issues, so she is always having appointments in far away places. We always need a car so that we are able to fulfill everything that we need to do. Without a car I think that our lives would be totally changed. I wouldn’t have half of the opportunities that I do now if I did not have a car to take me to where I needed to be. I am very thankful for the car because it has made life so much easier.

Justice Jones
"Using your new found knowledge of this topic, write a creative piece (haiku, cinquain, story, song) about it"

Shiny, Dirty
Parking, Driving, Steering
Riding Down the Roads of Lincoln
Model T

Buy a Model-T
Cruising Down Streets of Lincoln
Going Home Again

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