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Lincoln, Maine

A Town of Hearty, Resilient Souls

Ballard Hill School, Lincoln, ca. 1930

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Ballard Hill School, Lincoln, ca. 1930
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In the summer of 1918, the citizens of Lincoln banded together and started the construction of a new grade school for their children. The site selected was a small hill not far from the Penobscot River, called Ballard Hill. The townspeople did most of the work themselves.

The foundation was dug by hand when they had extra time. Milford Mott did the masonry work and Cal Staples was the carpenter. The roof was flat and in 1988, seventy years after it was built, it had never leaked and the town had never had to repair it. When the school was finally finished in the fall of 1920, Mrs. Ella P. Burr led her students from the Primary School up to the newly finished school for opening day.

The following is a list of the first teachers: Mrs. Burr, 4th grade; Mrs. Whittier, 5th grade; Miss Fairly, 6th grade; Miss Graves, 7th grade; Miss Adams, 8th grade; Mr. Reed, 9th grade; Miss Josephine Briggs, Music Teacher; Mr. Wright. The morning exercises were performed by Mr. Wright. He then read a few passages from the Bible.

Ballard Hill is no longer used as a school but is now Ballard Hill Community Center. Many activities for the school children are now offered and the Community Meals for Me is also located there.

This historic building stands strong today, overlooking the town and many memories are shared by the people who once attended school there.

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