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Roger Weatherbee of Lincoln in his P-51 H fighter plane, 1946

Contributed by Lincoln Historical Society
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Roger Weatherbee of Lincoln in his P-51 H fighter plane, 1946
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Roger Weatherbee is well remembered by many for his fly-by of Lincoln on May 20, 1946. Roger flew this plane from Florida to Presque Isle air base after being stationed in Florida after WW II. On his return flight, being so close to home, it was only natural he would want to fly to Florida via his hometown of Lincoln. He did this in great style. After buzzing the town at a very low altitude, with students at the Ballard Hill School being able to look right into his cockpit, he then turned the plane upside down and flew straight down Main St. and up over his home on High St.

Roger was in the actual fighting of the war and flew many combat missions in a P-38 fighter plane.
Roger and his P-51 plane has been talked about since that momentous day and now a model of this plane, upside down, hangs in a corner of a room in the Lincoln Historical Museum with a painting of the high school behind it.

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